IntelliSight Partners, LLC was founded by Alex Lyons to help biopharmaceutical, healthcare, and
medical device companies improve decision-making and compete more effectively by providing
unique business research, analysis, and consulting services.

Employees at IntelliSight Partners have worked for top management consulting and life science
companies conducting business intelligence, market research, commercial analysis, and presenting
recommendations.  Here are four great reasons to choose IntelliSight Partners:

  • We have a competency in conducting primary research to obtain hard to access information and

  • We provide actionable insights and recommendations since we have relevant experience and
    expertise in the life sciences industry and the business research and analysis functional area.

  • We have significant experience and expertise in conducting wargaming and scenario planning,
    competitive landscape research and analysis, and medical congress research.  Furthermore, we
    offer unique business intelligence on-site training and benchmarking studies.

  • We have significant experience and expertise helping life science companies build and improve
    their commercial research and analysis capabilities.

  • We "hit the ground running", delivering value that less specialized firms cannot match.  You can
    have confidence that the project deliverable will be on time, on budget, and of superior quality.

We respect your privacy and follow only the highest ethical standards while meeting client needs.
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