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Large Global Pharmaceutical Company
  • “IntelliSight is very thorough in their approach to conducting research.  This information informs
    many decision needs including strategic planning and market forecasting.”
  • The detail and relevance of the information provided by IntelliSight is unsurpassed by other
    vendors I've worked with in this space.”
                    Manager, International Marketing

Large Biotechnology Company
  • “Quality is the best of all the vendors that we've worked with.  When delivering results to our
    management team, very little is needed to re-work the information or re-craft the presentation
    slides. Clearly a lot of time and preparation is placed on delivering a quality product.  The attention
    to detail is greatly appreciated.”
                    Director, Competitive Analysis

Emerging Biotech Company A
  • “The project involved obtaining hard to get information that was essential to improving our
    understanding of customer needs and to what extent our competition was entrenched.  
    IntelliSight Partners did the job in helping us understand the competitive landscape.”
                   Director, Market Analytics

Emerging Biotech Company B
  • “What I really like about IntelliSight, is that they listen to our needs.  There is no overselling or
    trying to make a project more than it needs to be.”
  • “The quality of work is excellent.  In contrast with many other business intelligence vendors, I
    worked directly with the President, Alex Lyons, who understood my needs. I know he had a team
    to help put the project together, BUT he had a lot of input into the work that they were doing.”
                  Manager, Market Research

Large Global CRO
  • “Helped validate the effectiveness of our current internal efforts and provided meaningful insights
    into where we are positioned competitively.”
  • “Very impressive results. Clear, concise and impactful. Very focused on meaningful insights.”
  • “Extremely happy with performance. Would continue to recommend them in the future.”
                 Associate Director, Customer Insights
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