Using our proprietary wargaming methodology, IntelliSight Partners helps companies design,
develop, and implement highly successful role playing events.  We have found wargaming to
be highly effective for establishing shared organizational awareness of potential competitive
threats and opportunities, and then turning these opportunities into strategy and action.
We add greater value than our competitors because:

  • We have lifesciences industry expertise, which means we have "content knowledge"
    and will be active leaders during these exercises.

  • We have a proven methodology and a competency in wargaming, which means we do
    not develop our methodology using your time and expertise.

  • We charge fair and reasonable fees.

We have found wargaming most valuable during the following types of situations:

  • To test and improve launch plans for a new product or indication.

  • To integrate competitive dynamics into the annual global and brand planning

  • To establish a sense of organizational urgency and develop plans to strengthen the
    business regarding potential competitor entry.

  • To integrate current and potential competitive realities into a target product profile
    for a pipeline drug candidate.
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